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We provide traditional Japanese beauty to the world with a global perspective.

※商品のお申込み及び詳細は2016年3月頃に公開いたします。Around March 2016, details will be posted and we will start to accept your order.

※写真の商品はモデルが変更になる場合がございます。予めご了承ください。Please note that the models of the items in the photos shown here are subject to change.


Distinguished traditional items with innovative ideas

  • "Umbrella" made with blended fabric called habutae which has a beautiful fortunate shape widening toward the end

    Fukui Yougasa

    Janome Umbrella

    Elegant traditional Janome umbrella made modern. Using local industrial technology in Fukui such as textile and glass frames for fabric and ribs, it is made sturdy, easy-to-handle and elegant. The handle and top tip are Fukui Kawada lacquerware and the handle is decorated with traditional engraving in Ishikawa called tenbori. It can be locked open at two positions - pull the open umbrella down one step to switch to a traditional Japanese Janome umbrella silhouette, letting it perfectly accompany both Japanese and Western styles.

    Dimensions: For men: 60cm
          For women: 55cm
    Weight: For men: 460g
        For women: 410g

    *It is made-to-order. Please allow approx. 2 months for delivery.
  • Marriage of the world's thinnest silk "Fairy Feather" and Kaga Yuzen


    Fairy Feather, Salt Shrinkage Organdy Stole (Kaga Yuzen)

    Kawamata, Fukushima is a leading silk production center of Japan. Its history is said to date back to some 1,400 years ago. Saiei Orimono Co., Ltd. hands down such Japanese silk. Traditional "salt shrinking process," which shrinks silk with salt, is applied to the organdy stole using "Fairy Feather," ultra-fine silk threads with a thinness equal to a sixth of the diameter of a hair. Each of the stoles is one of a kind, hand-dyed using the technique of Kaga Yuzen. Enjoy the softness, thinness and lightness of thin silk.

    Dimensions: W45cm×L180cm
    Weight: 20g
    Materials:100% silk
  • Created through collaboration between Takaokaya and Tendo.


    Ojami Stool Set
    -Collaboration between Takaokaya and Tendo-

    Created through collaboration between Takaokaya and Tendo. The wooden section is made of Tendo's skillfully molded plywood, while we at Takaokaya make the "Ojami Cushion". The unique shape is inspired by the ancient Japanese beanbag toy called ‘otedama’, or ‘ojami’ in Kyoto dialect. Handcrafted by our skilled Kyoto artisans. If these two items are used together, they function as a chair. If used separately, they serve as a Zabuton and a table. Use as you please. The two-way stool suits any situation.

     [Stool] W49.4×D49.4×H33.4cm (Seating height: 30.8cm)
     [Ojami Cushion] L(Φ43cm)

    *It may take a few months before it is deivered if items are not in stock.